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SpaceAPI implementation

About SpaceAPI

What is it?

The HackerSpace Status API proposes a unified syntax to publish information about a hackerspace for consumption by javascript widgets, mobile apps and other scripts or programs. The API is flexible, and allows for custom extensions.

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We are closed!

All of this was written a long time ago. We are now closed.

Don't expect this page to follow the evolutions of the SpaceAPI project.

About this implementation

Our status.json resource is located at http://spaceapi.leloop.org/status.json.

The file is written manually whenever we have something to update, but we don't need to update it very often (once a month is a lot).

Bots, please follow this guidelines:

You can read more about these guidelines here.


    "space":"Le Loop",
    "contact": {
    "feeds": {
    "state": {
    "status":"Definitively closed.",
    "icon": {
    "cache": {
        "schedule": "m.99"